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Getting a second puppy

How do you introduce a second puppy or dog into family life?

A pair of short haired collie puppiesIf you are planning on adding a new pup to the family and already have another dog, obviously care needs to be taken when making first introductions. During the initial days and weeks ahead, it can be a bit nerve-racking to a dog that has been acclimated to his home of long standing. Your dog has already made adjutments and has a firmly rooted confidence in his territory and surroundings. Additionally, he is secure in his role with each member of the family.

When you bring home another dog or puppy to your house, you should be familiar with the work that will invariably go before you. You will find yourself trying to strike a balance between potty training your new puppy, teaching him or her boundaries of acceptable behaviors, and more. During this time you will also have the added task of keeping your former family dog feeling the assurance that he is still admired and adored, providing as much time as you can make the time to give. Here are some tips to help you along on the road to canine harmony:

1. You might be a little apprehensive about it, but you'll need to allow the two dogs establish a pack hierarchy the way dogs naturally do. It's usually much better not to interfere with this natural process because it can negatively affect the way they relate to one another. Dogs do not go about establishing and instituting their own social order in a manner that you might expect. They don't decide this hierarchy on who is the strongest, or on which of them had control of the territory first. The discovery of which of them will become head dog will be derived from ascertaining which one has more intellect and is the most responsibe in decision making. Most people have the idea that stronger apparently dominant dog would establish firmer position as leader, but this is not always true.

2. Dogs vary in individual temperament, personality and sensitivity. This is particularly true amongst certain breeds. However, as a general rule - all dogs perceive their world and you differently. It is therefore necessary to realize that they need to be treated according to the disposition of each individual dog. This will certainly require a heightened level of observation by you. Be careful to watch for things such as the level of effort you need to exhibit to get a desired response. One dog may require gentle coaxing while another may be more or less focused on other things which in turn may require a firmer tone to get its attention. Knowing the personality of your dog can help you assist your dog to adjust to the new environment. This awareness on your part will help you and your dog to achieve greater satisfaction in the long run.

3. There will be times when one of your canines will do something where you are not able to dertermine the culprit. Nevertheless do not correct either one of your dogs unless you observe one of them do the deed. For example it has been firmly established by much research that poor a training practice would be to come into a room and discipline or correct a dog after discovering a mess has already been made. Remember that a dog or puppy cannot relate the correction or scolding you are giving him with a mistake he made in the past. Therefore any new puppy in the household that is not fully house trained should not be scolded even though you are certain he is the offender. It is vitally important to see the act and to then administer the correction so that the dog associates the negative response with the deed.

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