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House Training your New Puppy

This is of primary concern of every dog owner!

Little girl with a PuppyIf you are a dog lover, a new puppy is a wonderful experience, and will be a great source of joy for you and your family. Puppies have the best kept secret ways of capturing our hearts and uniting us together. Whats more, raising a puppy can be a great experience that the entire family can be a part of.

Without too much contemplation, everybody concurs that one of the most important aspects to raising a new dog or puppy is the house breaking task. A loving, cuddley, bouncey puppy will quickly become a nuisance if there isn't enough progress toward getting it accustomed to taking potty breaks where they should. To handle this challenge, there is a humane an commonly practiced training method typically referred to as "crate training". As the term implies, this method takes advantage of the use of a crate and the right training for your new pup to quickly and effectively instill in them the instinct not to relieve him or herself inside of your home.

First thing is first - you'll need to purchase a dog crate. Not just any size crate will do, and this is where many people err. The size should be selected so that it is just large enough for the puppy to be able to turn around and stand up with ease and have a little bit of moving room. All this means is that the crate should be as small as you can get, without causing the puppy discomfort while sleeping, or trying to change positions to become more comfortable. The idea is based on the puppy's natural desire to keep it's den area clean. Your puppy will be a lot less likely to soil in his crate if he is going to have to sleep where he soils. If the crate is large, he can just go to the back of the cage to do his business, which is the object we are trying to prevent. But remember, puppy bladders are very weak until about 6 months of age, so be certain to watch your puppy's cues telling you when he needs to go potty.

If you own a large breed puppy, they can grow out of a puppy sized crate pretty fast. In this circumstance, it's more financially responsible to anticipate the size the dog will become, and obtain the proper crate he'll need when he becomes mature. While he is still a puppy, you can adjust the size of the crate by using large boxes to take up enough space to reduce the area size to what you need. Some of the wire crates also have a partition that can be used to adjust the size of the crate and then removed once the training process is completed.

Teaching the puppy to relieve itself in the designated spot and crate training are simultaneous training events. Firstly, we are teaching the dog that its crate is a safe place. The concept is to create an environment that becomes the puppy's own little den, an area that he will instinctively not want to use the bathroom in. Its a good practice to also feed your puppy in his crate to make the experience of being there as favorable as possible. Together with eating in his crate (den) and sleeping there, he won't want use the bathroom in there unless he is neglected. Thus you can "Crate" him there at night while you sleep, and while you are away during the day. This will get him accustomed to being crated and not using the bathroom.

The other part of the process is that you'll need to teach that outside of the house is the place to use the bathroom. As part of the procedure, make sure that each time you let him out of his crate - for any reason - that you take him straight outside directly to his designated area and let him do his business. This way part of the habit the dog will develop is that opening the crate door, is equated with going outside to use the bathroom. It is said that it is always best to use the same exit from the house, and the same path to the designated potty area every time. This also establishes a familiar pattern in his mind, and the end result of that pattern is using the bathroom outside, not inside. It is also important to watch over him while he goes potty lavishing lots of praise and attention on him when does it. Here you're establishing that you want him to go outside to potty, and reinforcing the concept. Happy praises, attention, and occasionally his favorite snacks will show him in no time that going outside to pottyis a very good thing to do.

Unfortunately, there are those those times that inside accidents just can't be avoided completely. When you're home supervising you won't worry about him using the bathroom inside the house. However, at night or while you're away, he will sooner or later have an accident while you're not paying attention. Remember, this is not the puppy's fault, its yours for not watching his signals. You need to keep an eye on him, and each time you catch him using the bathroom, correct him. Scold him, and immediately take him outside. If, once he gets out of the house, continues to use the bathroom, you want to start praising him to again reinforce the whole concept. Applying negative reinforcement correction when you find him using the bathroom indoors will cement the entire idea that outside is good, inside is bad. Make certain, however, that you only punish him when you actually catch him doing it. Do not punish him afterwards as this will may confuse and distort his thinking as he isn't likely to understand what exactly it is he's being punished.

Crate training is the most effective means of accomplishing the housebreaking task. By getting your puppy used to a crate, not only are you ensuring that you're not going to wake up to any surprises, but that if you ever have other situations such as traveling with your dog, he'll be well prepared to ride in their crate! Don't forget to give lots of positive reinforcement to your new puppy,remembering that when they know they're doing something you approve of, they'll learn much faster!


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