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Why does my dog drink out of the toilet?

Gross as it may seem - Dogs have a reason...

There are times when a water bowl just won’t do, and the toilet bowl supply is much more appealing to a dog. So, what is it that makes toilet water so much more appealing than the water in his nice new water bowl that you recently bought, and that you faithfully add water to every day?

What passes for a "quality drink" is different for dogs than it is for you and me. We wouldn’t consider for a moment drinking out of the toilet bowl. But to your dog, whose immune systems are much heartier than ours, a drink from the toilet is merely academic!

We can speculate a little on the attraction of toilet bowl water to a dog. For one thing, The water is fresh and is frequently refreshed throughout the day, and the water is cooler. At least, it’s cooler and fresher than the water in the water bowl that’s been sitting in the hot sun for the Last 2 weeks. It is one thing to change water in the bowl, its a completely different matter to just add water to it. The toilet holds an ample supply of fresh changed water for a thirsty dog, therefore it is going to happen on occasion.

There could be a real concern if you are sanitizing the water in the bowl with chemicals whenever the bowl is flushed. But other than that there arent really any health issues to concern yourself with, other than puppy kisses - Yuk !

In any event, this might just be something you are not prepared to accept in your canine, and so, let me offer some solutions:

First, and most obvious: Close the lid to the toilet bowl! That should make the women in the family happy. But maybe you have already tried this and your dog has already learned to use his nose to lift up the lid (Usually only possible by taller dogs), you’ll have to baby-proof the toilet, at least until he gives up trying (which will most likely take a week or two).

Provide your dog with porcelain water bowls. They are less likely to conduct heat, and as far as your pet’s concerned, it feels similar to putting his head in the toilet.

Provide a clean bowl of water several times daily. Empty the old water, wipe or rinse it out, and refill it at least once in the morning and again in the evening. If you hand-wash the bowl, be sure to remove all the soap residue. I don't know anyone that likes the taste of soap in their mouths.

Place the water bowl near the water supply that your dog is used to to start with. Then, gradually move it to your preferred location over a period of several days by moving it a couple of feet every couple of days or so.

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